Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 5pm

Our trucking service is based on providing quality services to our customers with the flexibility and reliability that we owe to decades of experience in the field of logistics.

We maintain the highest standards of safety during transportation from origin to destination.

Our new and modern well-maintained fleet of trucks ensures that your deliveries arrive at their final destination in good condition.










Apex Courier Company has its own fleet of trucks. This gives us more flexibility when it comes to transportation to or from your location. We provide an integrated and cost-competitive service. We also have an LHV (Longer and Heavier Vehicle), which is 25.25 metres long and can transport 3 containers at one time (only possible in the Netherlands). In addition to the LHV, we also have over 70 chassis that you can hire for the transport of your container. We can also deliver a CMR transport document to you by email for your international transport.